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Smart home cleaning appliances to be launched at AWE 2021

Dreame Technology, a growing innovative company specializing in smart home cleaning appliances, will participate in the Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2021 (AWE 2021) at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai from March 23-25. A number of Dreame's superior household appliances will be on display, including the robot vacuum and mop; Dreame Bot L10 Pro; auto-empty robot vacuum and mop, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro; auto-cleaning robot mop and vacuum Dreame Bot W10; cordless stick vacuum T30, V12, V16, as well as the Hair Artist hairdryer.

Smart home cleaning appliances to be launched at AWE 2021

One of China's pioneers in the smart home robot vacuum industry, Dreame Bot L10 Pro highlights a cutting-edge navigation system and obstacle avoidance technology. It is equipped with dozens of intelligent sensors and the most sophisticated lidar scanner that casts thousands of invisible laser points per second to measure surroundings and identify objects in real time. It can immediately generate an editable map in the connected MiHome App to realize a high-end customized cleaning plan. Dreame Bot L10 Pro also features 4000Pa strong suction power to capture dust and hair on different floor surfaces with ease, and smart water control for mopping.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro comes with an auto-empty base that enables automatic dirt disposal plus intelligent vacuuming and mopping; Dreame Bot W10 provides a hands-free cleaning experience with strong vacuuming, efficient mopping and mop self-cleaning capabilities. Notably, Dreame's forthcoming cordless stick vacuum V16 brings the world's fastest, most efficient motor – 160K RPM – to reach 200AW suction power for an incredibly strong cleaning performance. 

Dreame Technology will also exhibit its flagship cordless stick vacuum T30 and V12 at AWE 2021, both of which are enhanced with groundbreaking 150K RPM high-speed motors to ensure powerful and deep cleaning. The V12 conforms to an ergonomic design that makes daily vacuuming less labor-intensive, while the T30 is upgraded with a detachable battery to double the running time, an ideal choice for large houses.